Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: Asian American voters, no immigration in foreign policy debate, more

Voting campaigns target Asian Americans - Los Angeles Times Various campaigns are aimed at getting Asian Americans to vote, including one involving a "blitz of mailers, multilingual phone banks and online tool kits for Cambodian, Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Pacific Islander, South Asian, Thai and Vietnamese voters." Only 55 of Asian Americans are registered to vote.

Romney's immigration policy would add a hiring hurdle - CNN An anaylsis of GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney's plans that would have the federal government embracing rules for employers similar to Arizona's, which require employers to verify the work authorization of new hires. 

Debate avoided immigration due to narrow foreign policy focus - ColorLines On the absence of an immigration discussion in last night's third and final presidential debate devoted to foreign policy, which immigration policy is a part of.

Are polls underestimating the effect of the Latino vote? - ABC New polling data suggests that "many state and national polls aren't fully accounting for the Latino vote." If Latino voters are being undercounted, it could represent a related undercount of support for President Obama, who Latinos continue to favor in surveys.