Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news today: Parent deportations, DOJ sues another sheriff for discrimination, niqab in the courtroom, Asian American political clout, more

DOJ sues North Carolina sheriff over Latino discrimination accusations - TPM The federal Justice Department has sued North Carolina's Alamance County Sheriff Terry S. Johnson, alleging that his office discriminates against Latinos.

Court to decide if Muslim woman can wear niqab on the stand in assault case - National Post Canada's Supreme Court is to rule on whether a Muslim woman may wear niqab, a religious veil covering her head and much of her face, when she testifies agaisnt two men accused of sexually assaulting her as a child.

San Jose man out of immigration jail for Christmas - San Jose Mercury News It's not clear why 26-year-old Jesus Ruiz Diego was released from dentention earlier this week; having arrived at age 4, he could potentially stand to benefit from deferred action, which provides temporary legal status to young people who qualify. 

Nearly 205K deportations of parents of U.S. citizens in just over two years - ColorLines According to new reports, in just over two years the federal government has deported more than 200,000 of parents who say their children are U.S. citizens.

An Asian American moment in U.S. politics - Huffington Post The death this week of Democratic Sen.Daniel Inouye of Hawaii, the highest-ranking Asian American lawmaker in U.S. history, comes at a time when Asian Americans are on the verge of becoming a greater political force. An opinion piece.

The foreign-born are more successful in Britain than in most places - The Economist Despite recent polls showing increasingly little tolerance for immigrants among the British public, immigrants there wind up doing better financially than in many other countries.

ACLU files suit over immigrants' driver's licenses - Detroit News A federal lawsuit has been filed in an attempt to stop the Michigan secretary of state from denying driver's licenses to deferred action recipients.