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In immigration news: Senate bill amendments coming soon, Sierra Club backs reform, legal aid for mentally disabled detainees, more

A copy of the 844-page Senate immigration reform bill filed last week. Senate lawmakers are expected to offer amendments soon.
A copy of the 844-page Senate immigration reform bill filed last week. Senate lawmakers are expected to offer amendments soon.
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Immigration proposals moving quickly on Capitol Hill - Southern California Public Radio Senate Judiciary Committee members are expected to offer amendments Thursday on the 844-page Senate immigration reform bill. Meanwhile, House representatives say negotiations on  reform plans are coming along.

Senators aiming for 70 votes on immigration bill - USA Today Sens. John McCain and Charles Schumer, two of the eight senators behind the new immigration reform bill, say they think the bill could get 70 votes in the Senate "sending a message to the House of Representatives of the bill's overwhelming support."

House immigration plan conflicts with Senate measure - Washington Post House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, a Republican from Virginia, says there are plans to soon introduce two House reform bills. One would propose an agricultural guest worker program, and another would mandate employers to verify work authorization. But senators have warned such a piecemeal approach could sink an immigration reform effort.

Sierra club to support immigration reform - Politico The environmental organization has announced it's officially backing comprehensive immigration reform. It's a shift from the mid-2000s, when the club faced an internal battle over whether it should take an immigration restriction stance. 

In a first, judge orders legal aid for mentally disabled immigrants facing deportation - New York Times A federal judge in Los Angeles "has ordered immigration courts in three states to provide legal representation for immigrants with mental disabilities who are in detention and facing deportation, if they cannot represent themselves."  It's the first time the government has been required to provide legal representation for people in immigration court.

Executives' immigration dilemma: 'We can't find the workers' - Los Angeles Times Executives from the food, gaming, nursing and home-care industries meeting at a conference in Arizona sounded off on the Senate immigration reform proposal, which would require that employers verify employees' work authorization online. Some fear they could be left short on workers.

Immigration reform: How many new immigrants are we talking about? - Christian Science Monitor From the story: "The new (Senate) immigration reform bill will double the number of immigrants coming to the US over the next decade, critics say. Others say it's too early, too complex, or too politically risky to tell."

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