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In immigration news: Vote on Senate reform bill expected today, how the DOMA ruling affects bi-national couples, more

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From the first page of the "Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act," as introduced in April. A Senate vote on the massive comprehensive immigration reform bill is expected Thursday afternoon. It's expected to pass with at least 60 votes.
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Senate nearing OK of historic immigration bill offering citizenship to millions here illegally - Washington Post The Senate's comprehensive immigration package is expected to come up for a vote Thursday afternoon. Test votes so far this week, after a border security amendment was introduced, suggest the bipartisan bill could get more than the 60 votes needed for approval.

Immigration bill faces tough odds in the House - TIME Thursday's Senate vote on a comprehensive immigration reform plan doesn't necessarily signal success for reform in the House. So far, House lawmakers have yet to come up with a comprehensive plan to vote on, and have been moving on stand-alone bills that are centered more around enforcement. An immigration reform bill that passed the Senate in 2006 failed to make it through the House.

What the DOMA decision means for immigration reform - The New Yorker One of the most contentious issues this spring as Senate lawmakers debated immigration reform was whether to add a provision extending immigration rights to same-sex married couples. Until now, the Defense of Marriage Act barred gay and lesbian U.S. citizens from sponsoring a same-sex spouse for a visa. Now, with a key section of DOMA struck down, it's become a non-issue in reform talks.

DOMA ruling a victory for bi-national couples, but legal questions remain - Southern California Public Radio Yesterday's U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the Defense of Marriage Act cleared the legal barrier that gay and lesbian U.S. citizens faced in sponsoring a foreign spouse. But some legal experts suggest that codifying the recognition of same-sex marriage in immigration law could help avoid future court battles.

Judge stops deportation hearing minutes after high court strikes down DOMA - MSNBC A New York immigration judge reportedly adjourned a Colombian-born man's deportation hearing "after reading the Supreme Court ruling, specifically section 3 of DOMA which recognized only marriages between a man and a woman and granted federal benefits to such marriages."

Conn. sets limits on giving immigrants over to ICE - Associated Press The governor of Connecticut has signed a law that limits who can be turned over to federal agents for deportation. From the story: "State authorities will honor requests to detain only immigrants who have felony convictions, belong to gangs, show up on terrorist watch lists, are subject to deportation orders or meet other safety risks."