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In immigration news: Cantaloupes on Capitol Hill, allegations of poor treatment at border, reform opponents strategize, more

Cantaloupes, the latest protest weapon in the immigration reform battle.
Cantaloupes, the latest protest weapon in the immigration reform battle.
(Tobias Titz/Getty Images)

Immigration advocates deliver cantaloupes to House GOP lawmakers - Washington Post Break out the lime and chile powder! Building on last week's delivery of cantaloupes to Rep. Steve King of Iowa (who suggested young unauthorized immigrants were drug mules with "calves the size of cantaloupes"), activists have now brought melons to more than 200 House members who backed a King proposal to force the deportation of young immigrants who arrived as minors.

Immigrants, legal groups allege harsh treatment at U.S. border - Public Radio International Some migrants apprehended crossing illegally into South Texas, where border arrests are up, have complained about long periods spent in cold holding cells they refer to as a hielera (Spanish for "icebox') and other issues; U.S. officials say conditions are humane.

The David-and-Goliath fight to stop immigration reform - The Atlantic On the "scrappy, tech-savvy organization that's won before," this being immigration restriction advocates like Roy Beck of Numbers USA, who is preparing to target conservative lawmakers during their August break: "It's Beck's job to ensure that what comes next is a flood of news stories about town-hall meetings across the country flooded with angry voters."

Immigration reform backers see hopeful signs in House - USA Today From the story: "Action in the House is on hold until after Congress returns from its August recess on Sept. 9. But the five-week break, during which representatives will hold town hall meetings and otherwise gauge the feelings of their constituents, could go a long way toward determining the legislation's fate."

Big-name GOP donors urge members of Congress to back immigration overhaul - New York Times More than a hundred Republican donors have sent a letter to GOP lawmakers "urging them to support an overhaul of the nation’s immigration laws." Their message "begins with a simple appeal: 'We write to urge you to take action to fix our broken immigration system.' ”

Backers of national museum on Latino history call on Congress to act - Los Angeles Times From the story: "Bills proposed in the House of Representatives and the Senate in March call for the museum to be created in the Smithsonian's unused Arts and Industries Building in Washington. An earlier version of the legislation lapsed after failing to win passage in the previous congressional session."