Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: Reviving reform, Arizona ICE raid, 'gentefication' in LA, more

Boyle Heights, the epicenter of
Boyle Heights, the epicenter of "gentefication" in Los Angeles as younger, upwardly mobile Latinos invest in a neighborhood that's been home to generations of immigrants.
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Can a dusty legislative gambit revive immigration reform? - TIME On the rare tactic known as the discharge petition, which "enables a simple majority of the House to force a vote on a bill, discharging the relevant committee from its responsibility to report it and circumventing the power of leadership, which controls the floor." Some pro-immigration reform activists are calling for its use as a way to get around House GOP opposition to a broad immigration overhaul.

California Republicans turn to immigration to fight extinction - Politico The partisan divide on immigration reform "boils down to simple math for California Republicans, who know they can’t win elections here for long without the support of Hispanic voters. Eleven of the 15 districts held by Republicans are a quarter or more Hispanic — and some of them are prime targets for Democrats who need 17 seats to take back the House in 2014."

ICE agents raid Arizona car wash chain - CNN Agents from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement conducted raids at 13 locations of a Phoenix-area car wash chain, Danny's Family Car Wash, along with a company that provides it with staffing. The agency described it as "part of a criminal investigation into alleged criminal fraud, identity theft and financial violations."

McCain takes his work home to Arizona, promoting an immigration bill - New York Times Sen. John McCain's efforts to promote an immigration reform bill proposed by the bipartisan coalition that he's the senior member of are "an uphill battle" in his home state: "There are four Republicans among Arizona’s nine-member House delegation, and they are all adamantly against tackling an immigration overhaul with a single piece of legislation."

Los Angeles neighborhood tries to change, but avoid the pitfalls - New York Times The happenings in Boyle Heights and its special brand of "gentefication" - that is, gentrification by younger Latinos investing in the longtime immigrant neighborhood - make the NYT. From the story: "...tensions over just whom this neighborhood belongs to are a clear sign that Latinos have come of age in Los Angeles, where they are expected to become the majority this year."