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In immigration news: Reform prospects for fall, a 'Plan B' that targets deportations, noncitizen poll workers (and possibly jurors), more

A May Day march for immigration reform in Los Angeles, May 1, 2013.
A May Day march for immigration reform in Los Angeles, May 1, 2013.

White House official says immigration reform vote not likely until October - Fox News Latino In an interview, White House official Cecilia Muñoz "linked the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington and Dr. Martin Luther King’s 'I Have a Dream' speech with today’s fight for immigration reform." But she added that movement on an immigration overhaul isn't likely until after September, during which lawmakers will have limited time to deal with budget issues.

Obama's immigration nuclear option: Stopping deportations unilaterally - The Atlantic Some immigration reform advocates are considering a "Plan B" if an overhaul fails to happen this year: Push President Obama to take executive action to stop deportations. It's a long shot and legally tricky, and would not lead to permanent legal status, but advocates say it can be done.

Gov. Brown signs bill allowing noncitizens as poll workers - Los Angeles Times California Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a bill allowing permanent legal residents to serve as poll workers in state elections, which proponents hope will increase the number of multilingual poll workers. A more controversial bill that would allow noncitizens to serve as jurors is awaiting Brown's approval.

US immigration reform battle has electoral implications - Voice of America Will inaction on immigration reform this year come back to haunt the GOP? From the story: “ 'If immigration reform fails to pass, Republicans will get the blame,' said Republican strategist John Feehery. He said his party risks the wrath of America’s fastest-growing segment: Hispanics."

Catholic churches push Rep. Ed Royce on immigration - Los Angeles Times  Hundreds of Catholics demanding immigration reform demonstrated late Tuesday outside the office of Republican Rep. Ed Royce’s office in Brea. It was part of a larger push by Catholic parishes nationwide to advocate for a comprehensive immigration overhaul.