Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: Evangelicals pray for reform, child deportations, remembering an immigrant entrepreneur, more

A evangelical Christian advocacy group plans to air radio ads urging people to pray for House Republicans to take action on immigration reform.
A evangelical Christian advocacy group plans to air radio ads urging people to pray for House Republicans to take action on immigration reform.
Susan Valot/KPCC

Evangelicals: Pray for Boehner on immigration reform - CNN A religious advocacy group, the Evangelical Immigration Table, is planning to air ads on Christian radio stations asking people "to pray for (House Speaker John) Boehner and House Republican leadership on immigration reform and urge those leaders to listen to their prayers."

To pressure House GOP leaders, Rep. Joe Garcia joins fast for immigration reform - Miami Herald The Cuban American House member from Florida, a Democrat, is the latest political figure to join the "Fast for Families" in Washington, D.C. The hunger strike was begun Nov. 12 by activists hoping to persuade Congress to vote on immigration reform.

Capitol Police Officer Raises Voice At Immigration Activists: 'Comprende?' - Huffington Post From the story: "We're not going to have singing in my building," the officer said, which can be seen in a video posted by KFTStories. "We're not going to have it. Warning number one, okay? That's all you get. This is getting old real fast, okay? I'm not going to tolerate it. This is a place of business, and we do not sing in the hallway....Comprende?"

Orange County leads state in child deportations, report says - Orange County Register According to a UC Irvine School of Law report, Orange County leads the state in the number of juveniles referred by probation officers to immigration authorities. The report accuses the Orange County Probation Department of violating state and federal laws and that its policies "undermine the rehabilitative goals of the juvenile justice system and do not benefit public safety."

Ronald Reagan's shining city of exceptional immigrants - Forbes An essay looks at the former president's views on immigration. Reagan famously signed the 1986 law that granted amnesty to people living in the country illegally at the time. From the piece: "The promise of America is not just a better material life but that you can become an American."

Anaheim hopes to settle suit over alleged political exclusion - Los Angeles Times The city is negotiating to settle a lawsuit that accuses Anaheim of "effectively excluding Latinos from holding political office and violating the California Voting Rights Act." The goal of the lawsuit is to end the city's at-large elections, which critics say prevent Latinos from being adequately represented on the City Council.

Thank you, Mr. Martinez: Remembering the founder of King Taco - Southern California Public Radio Long before food trucks selling ethnic-hybrid tacos, waffles, lobster and what not were roaming Los Angeles, there was Raul Martinez, Sr. The Mexican immigrant founder of Southern California's iconic King Taco chain got his start selling tacos out of a converted ice cream truck in the 1970s. He died Tuesday, leaving behind a restaurant empire and legions of fans.