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In Immigration News: Renewed hopes for reform, Spanish speakers and the ObamaCare rollout, tailoring horror for Latino audiences

Comprehensive immigration reform did not happen in 2013, but its advocates are holding out hope for passage taking place in 2014.
Comprehensive immigration reform did not happen in 2013, but its advocates are holding out hope for passage taking place in 2014.
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Watch Out: Immigration Could Still Happen in 2014 - U.S. News and World Report New year, new hope. Immigration rights activists are saying that 2014 may the year for comprehensive immigration reform -- even though pols will be busy with mid-term elections. Cause for optimism: House Speaker John Boehner has hired Sen. John McCain's former immigration adviser Rebecca Tallent, who's track record includes working on the comprehensive immigration bill that passed the Senate last summer. Ali Noorani, the executive director of the Immigration Forum, said he wouldn't be surprised if the House passed immigration legislation after the election: "The one thing about the House is that when they want to they can move awfully quickly."

A Vale of Terror, Transcended: Artists Explore Immigration, Border Issues and the Drug War - NY Times  A transnational community of artists living along the Mexico-U.S. border are speaking out about drug violence and immigration politics through everything from performance pieces to pinatas shaped like border guards. One artist, Rigoberto Alonso Gonzalez, has found parallels between "gang narratives and historical paintings about biblical violence, like Caravaggio’s “Beheading of Saint John the Baptist.” His artwork shows "decapitated heads; other, larger tableaus depict gang members torturing victims or families discovering the bodies of their dead loved ones after shootouts."

In Colorado, Both Sides Of The Fracking Debate Target Latino Support - Fox News Latino Given the controversy hydraulic fracking attracts, energy companies are trying to tap into support where they can, including the Latino community that makes up 21 percent of Colorado's total population.  But fracking's critics are also lobbying Latinos, including Judith Blackburn of the anti-fracking group Our Longmont who wrote Fox News Latino:  “To the extent that Latinos may be employed in greater numbers either in the oil and gas industry or in the agricultural industry where these wells historically have been placed, it is reasonable to assume that their health and safety risks would be higher."

Many Spanish Speakers Left Behind In First Wave Of Obamacare- Kaiser Health News  Spanish-speakers in California and beyond are missing out on the first wave of coverage through the Affordable Care Act. From the story: "In part, the lag in sign-ups among Spanish speakers reflects a digital − and a cultural − divide. Many are hesitant about handing over personal information to strangers over the Internet, advocates say. This group tends to be less educated, and have lower incomes and less access to technology than fluent English-speakers."  According to Covered California, just 5 percent of the 159,000 enrollees as of last month were Latinos even though the group makes up 29 percent of the state population.

'Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones' marks a Latino-accented twist - LA Times  The "Paranormal Activity" movie franchise is trying to bounce back from disappointing box office for its last installment with a new narrative approach. Opening today, "Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones" is set in working-class barrio, and features young Latino actors. A large part of the reason to take series out of the suburbs is that many Latino moviegoers have filled the seats for previous Paranormal Activity films. They made up 19 percent of the audience for the 2009 series installment, when as an ethnic group, they make up 17 percent of the U.S. population.