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In immigration news: Activists' bolder tactics, border shooting condemned, NYPD Muslim spying lawsuit dismissed, more

Activists from the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles staged a
Activists from the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles staged a "call-a-thon" on Broadway in downtown Los Angeles on Thursday, dialing up a member of Congress and having passers-by leave messages demanding immigration reform. It's part of a move by some advocacy groups toward more aggressive tactics in hopes of pressuring lawmakers to vote on an immigration overhaul.
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Immigration reform: 'Call-a-thon' part of advocates' shift to bolder tactics - Southern California Public Radio Some immigration reform advocates have vowed tougher, more confrontational protest tactics against conservative lawmakers - unless they agree to support an immigration overhaul. One example: An event billed as a "call-a-thon" Thursday in downtown Los Angeles, during which activists flagged down passers-by and had them leave messages for a member of Congress.

Judge Tosses Suit Alleging NYPD Illegally Spied On Muslims - NPR From the story: "A federal judge has ruled that New York City Police did not violate the rights of Muslims by putting New Jersey mosques under routine surveillance in an effort to prevent terrorism...(the plaintiffs) alleged that the surveillance program, which they said involved spying on mosques, restaurants and schools in the state since 2002, was unconstitutional because they were being targeted solely on the basis of their religion."

Mexico condemns fatal border shooting - UT San Diego The government of Mexico has issued a statement condemning the fatal shooting this week of a man who reportedly threw rocks at a U.S. Border Patrol agent in a rural area east of San Diego. From the story: "The Foreign Relations Secretariat of Mexico said Jesus Flores-Cruz’s death was 'profoundly concerning' and urged the Border Patrol to adopt a use-of-force policy that would eliminate unnecessary deaths." Investigators have said the agent was struck before opening fire.

White House Sidesteps Tactic to Force House Immigration Vote - NBC News From the story: "After House GOP leaders all but shelved immigration reform this year, the White House sidestepped questions about whether it backs what’s known as a 'discharge petition' to force a vote on a House bill that closely mirrors the Senate-passed comprehensive immigration bill." Some Democrats have encouraged this maneuver in hopes of getting the House to vote.

Experts Debate Economic Impact of US Immigration Reform - Voice of America A panel of experts in Washington, D.C. debated the economic impact of an immigration overhaul: "Despite disagreement on how, the majority of economists agree reforms would expand the U.S. economy. Critics said it did so at a heavy price - while others said the cost of doing nothing - would be worse."

Ambassador pleads: Let our immigrants work in USA - Philadelphia Inquirer Ireland's ambassador to the U.S., Anne Anderson, on the Irish immigrants living here illegally: "Our best guess is we have in the region of 50,000 undocumented Irish in the United States...Most are employed. They pay taxes. They are upright, God-fearing citizens. But they live in the shadows. Many of you know, from personal contact, the human toll, the inability to get back to Ireland, to their families, for a wedding or a funeral."