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In Immigration News: Obama TV appearance goes awry, a new, tougher strategy for reform, Latinos as 'Reagan Democrats'

President Obama participates in a March 6 town hall-style event on health insurance with hosts from Telemundo and Univision.
President Obama participates in a March 6 town hall-style event on health insurance with hosts from Telemundo and Univision.
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TV appearance shows immigration hurting Obama among Hispanics - Washington Post  A televised event the President intended to promote Obamacare among Latinos backfired on him, when the hosts of Telemundo and Univision grilled him on immigration. Given that his administration has ordered a record number of deportations of people here illegally — nearly 2 million — Univision's Acevedo asked, “How can you ask the Latino community to trust you?” Obama said unless Congressional Republicans take on immigration reform, he must continue to enforce federal law.

Immigration advocates step up pressure on Obama to ease deportations - Los Angeles Times  Off the television screen, the president continued to come under attack from immigration reform leaders who've been past allies. The president of the National Council of La Raza, the country’s largest Latino advocacy organization, called Obama the “deporter in chief.”  Short of the president acting, some advocates seem to think that Congressional Republicans will on immigration reform "if they think the president is on the verge of taking unilateral action."

CPAC Immigration Panelist: ‘Latino Voters Are the Reagan Democrats of Today’ - National Review Online  At a discussion on immigration at the Conservative Political Action Conference, some panelists asserted that Latinos could end up voting Republican in the future. Making this point were Alfonso Aguilar,  executive director of the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles, and Reverend Luis Cortés Jr. But they said Republicans needed to support immigration reform. Cortes warned that Republican rhetoric is alienating the Hispanic community much like “African Americans left the party of Lincoln due partly to rhetoric around civil rights.”

Millennials in Adulthood - Pew Research Center A new report from the demographic research group found that millennials are "the most racially diverse generation in American history, a trend driven by the large wave of Hispanic and Asian immigrants who have been coming to the U.S. for the past half century."  About 43 percent of millennial adults are non-white, the highest-ever this number has ever been.

In Vietnamese nail salons, a push to breathe easier - Southern California Public Radio Many immigrants from Vietnam enter the nail salon industry because there is a low barrier to entry — classes are often held in Vietnamese, getting a license usually takes about a year and English fluency is not a requirement. In California, workers of Vietnamese descent account for an estimated 60-80 percent of the state's 97,000 nail technicians. As a result, this group is disproportionately exposed to harmful chemicals in nail polish and other products. A small but statewide campaign is underway to make nail salons healthier places to work.