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In immigration news: Stash house discovery, Piolin lawsuit thrown out, lack of diversity in Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley has been criticized for its low number of black and Latino hires.
Silicon Valley has been criticized for its low number of black and Latino hires.

Five will face federal charges in Pearland stash house - Houston Chronicle More than 110 people were found imprisoned in a squalid stash house, apparently pending payment to the smugglers who brought them to the US. Federal authorities who raided the house on Wednesday are now holding five people on charges of "hostage taking, unlawfully carrying weapon, and conspiracy to harbor illegal aliens." Most of the captured were males, aged 5 to 47. Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland said people were "literally living on top of one another."

Principal who told kids not to speak Spanish will lose job - Houston Chronicle In other Pearland, Tex. news, a middle school principal who's been on adminstrative leave since December will not be returning. The school board has decided not to renew Amy Lacey's contract. Lacey had reportedly announced over the intercom that students were not allowed to speak Spanish on school grounds. Latino advocates said such a message had a chilling effect on the district's rapidly growing immigrant population — more than half of the students are Hispanic — and that some students would be discouraged from attending school. 

Judge tosses out 'Piolin' extortion suit against ex-staffers - Los Angeles Times An extortion lawsuit brought by Spanish-language radio personality Eddie “Piolin” Sotelo is going nowhere. A Los Angeles County Superior Court judge tossed the lawsuit and found Sotelo possibly liable for legal fees incurred by the former staffers he was targeting in a lawsuit filed August. From the story: "Sotelo maintained that the group banded together to demand $4.9 million from him in exchange for their silence — or else they would go public with additional allegations about boorish behavior on his Univision Radio show, which had been canceled a month earlier."  Sotelo now hosts a morning show on satellite network SiriusXM.

At HP, Jesse Jackson targets Silicon Valley's lack of diversity - Associated Press The Rev. Jesse Jackson visited Hewlett-Packard's annual shareholders meeting Wednesday during which he urged company leaders to hire more blacks and Latinos and give them leadership positions.  Jackon said during the meeting: "Today, too few have too much, too many have too little, and the middle class is sinking." He also criticized other technology companies  Apple, Twitter, Facebook and Google in a letter Monday. Lack of diversity in the tech sector was also the subject of a recent talk Jackson gave at Stanford University.

‘Millie’ flap highlights how old plays are rife with stereotypes - Boston Globe File this under: 'I didn't know that's what the play was about.' A high school production of "Thoroughly Modern Millie’’ in a Boston suburb has been brewing controversy because of a pair of characters -  "two of them Chinese, one of them masquerading as Chinese — who kidnap young women and sell them as sex slaves."  The Globe piece points out this is an example of when "a dated canon meets an increasingly diverse population.