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In immigration news: DHS watchdog under fire, ‘modest’ deportation changes, preserving ‘The Mission’

Men walk underneath a mural depicting Cesar Chavez along Cesar Chavez street in the Mission District of San Francisco.
Men walk underneath a mural depicting Cesar Chavez along Cesar Chavez street in the Mission District of San Francisco.
Ben Margot/AP

Probe: DHS watchdog cozy with officials, altered reports as he sought top job – Washington Post  A new report released today by a Congressional oversight panel found that an acting Department of Homeland Security inspector general behaved improperly during his tenure and that "any report generated out of his office would be suspect.” Charles K. Edwards, who served from 2011 through 2013, "routinely shared drinks and dinner with department leaders and gave them inside information about the timing and findings of investigation," according to the story. Edwards resigned his post and was granted his request to be transferred to DHS' office of science and technology.

Obama Easing on Immigrant Deportations Expected to Be Modest – Wall Street Journal Activists have been hopeful that the White House will put a stop to deportations, after the president said that he wanted immigration laws to be enforced more "humanely." But sources for the WSJ say that the outcome of the review will feel 'modest' and "fall far short of demands by many activists to give safe harbor to millions of undocumented immigrants."

Latinos Fight To Preserve San Francisco Mission District's Cultural Heritage  The 'Mission,' as the district is called, has been a landing space for Latino immigrants and served as a center of Chicano organizing. But the cost of living there has been going up as wealthier city residents move into the neighborhood. To protect the identity of the Mission, some locals are petitioning city government to create a special cultural district.  San Francisco supervisor David Campos introduced the proposed Calle 24 Latino Cultural District to his colleagues this week. With the special designation, the area might be a place for "mural preservation, building more affordable housing and ensuring the resilience of Latino-owned businesses," according to the story.

Wilmer Valderrama to Take Voto Latino's Mission to the Next Level and Run for Office? - Latin Post Better known as Fez on "That 70s Show," Wilmer Valderamma is the latest actor to lend his or her celebrity to Voto Latino, a nonpartisan organization that encourages Latino millenials to vote. Actor Rosario Dawson is another public face of the non-profit, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary. The story points out that Valderrrama is prime candidate to represent the organization, as a millenial himself who moved from Venezuela to the US as a teenager.