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In immigration news: Demanding executive action, World Cup talent, a "guardian angel" in Ohio

Protesters stood together last summer in Miami as they asked their Congress members to pass immigration reform. A Senate bill passed, but nothing has happened since.
Protesters stood together last summer in Miami as they asked their Congress members to pass immigration reform. A Senate bill passed, but nothing has happened since.
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Immigration Activists Have Lost Patience With Obama - National Journal Democratic lawmakers are torn over whether Congress will act on immigration reform this summer or not. Those who think that House Majority Leader Eric Cantor's primary loss has scared Republicans into inaction say that Pres. Obama has run out of reasons to wait on taking executive action on immigration. Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson is supposed to announce the results of a review of the administration's immigration enforcement policy in August. But some lawmakers and immigrant rights activists that delaying any action even several weeks would have a negative impact on the lives of people facing deportation. 

Graham to GOP: Don't be 'delusional' about immigration reform  - The Hill Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina remains one of the few Republican voices out there clearly pushing his party toward immigration reform.  Graham, who co-authored the comprehensive immigration bill that passed the Senate last summer, said the GOP is wrong-headed if it thinks it can create a hostile climate that pushes immigrants into leaving the country on their own. This Sunday on CBS's "Face the Nation," he said: "If we keep playing this game that self deportation is the only answer for the Republican Party, we will have destroyed our chances in 2016 and dealt a death blow to our party because by 2050 the majority of the country is going to be African American, Hispanic and Asian."

Daniel's journey: How thousands of children are creating a crisis in America - CNN This piece chronicles the spike in the number of unaccompanied minors crossing the US illegally through the eyes of Daniel Penado Zavala. The Salvadorean teen recently testified before a small group of lawmakers on Capitol Hill about how he left his family and country behind to avoid being targeted by violent gangs. He described a journey in which "he waded through a river infested with alligators, drank its murky waters, slept in a locked room with 20 people," according to the story.

The Soccer Fan's Argument for Immigration Reform - Businessweek It seems a long way from immigration reform, but this story tries to make the case for it by looking at the World Cup. Pointing to research at the University of Warwick, the author says a European Court of Justice ruling allowing more non-European footballers to compete in Europe is good for European clubs. He said it was also good for the countries these players leave behind, because by competing in Europe their level of play was getting better, and that helped the performance of national teams during tournaments like the World Cup. From the story: "That all suggests that the free flow of talent across borders confers substantial benefits all around."

Immigrant families in Ohio find a guardian angel - LA Times Northern Ohio has attracted thousands of Mexican families because of its nurseries and rubber and metal factories. It's also drawn the attention of immigration agents, and led to deportation of immigrants there illegally. One local woman, Veronica Isabel Dahlberg, has taken it upon herself to act as "protector of undocumented immigrants," according to the story. Records show she has helped "more than two dozen undocumented immigrants get out of detention and find a way to stay in America since early 2011."