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In immigration news: Arizona policies in court, Obamacare coverage, driver's licenses

The Obama administration is to weigh in on two Arizona immigration policies in the court system.
The Obama administration is to weigh in on two Arizona immigration policies in the court system.
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Obama Administration Faces Immigration Deadline - Associated Press  The Obama administration is expected to ask the courts to throw out two Arizona state policies addressing illegal immigration. One policy denies driver's licenses to immigrants who have gotten deportation deferrals through an Obama program called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. The other measure is the state's law on smuggling immigrants.

HHS is kicking immigrants off Obamacare coverage without fair warning, complaints allege - Washington Post (blog) New federal complaints say many of the immigrants who are poised to lose ObamaCare coverage on Tuesday hadn't received proper warning.  Immigrant rights' advocates say that notices from the Department of Health and Human Services asking for documentation that enrollees were legally in the US were only distributed in English and Spanish, leaving out a large segment of immigrants who speak other languages.

Immigrants without legal status able to apply for professional licenses in CA - Southern California Public Radio Among the raft of bills Gov. Brown signed into law this weekend was SB 1159 which allows immigrants in the country illegally to apply for professional licenses from the state. This law would apply to 40 state boards that regulate everything from medicine to landscaping.

Five arrested in downtown Denver protest over immigrants' deportation - The Denver Post The arrests took place during a demonstration pressuring Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet "to demand President Barack Obama stop the deportations. Among those arrested were three immigrants in the country illegally.

Christie Should Let Undocumented Immigrants Drive, Advocates Say - Bloomberg News Advocates are pushing New Jersey Gov. Christie to allow immigrants in the country illegally to obtain driver's licenses. Should such a law pass, an estimated 464,000 immigrants would be expected to apply over three years.