Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: Ariz. town works for ICE, church sanctuaries, TV's families of color, more

Cristela Alonzo stars in the new ABC sitcom,
Cristela Alonzo stars in the new ABC sitcom, "Cristela" as an aspiring Latina lawyer, and the daughter of immigrants. Is the show part of a diversity renaissance on TV?
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House Democrats urge pause in migrant family deportations - Reuters Representatives Zoe Lofgren of California and John Conyers of Michigan lead 30 other House Democrats in asking Pres. Obama to stop deportations of Central American families pending a resolution of problems at detention centers. From the letter the Congress members wrote: "We believe it is critical that no detained families be removed (deported) until we can ensure that we are not returning such families to face persecution and torture abroad."

How Will A Small Town In Arizona Manage An ICE Facility In Texas? - NPR The federal government is in the midst of building its largest immigrant detention facility in south Texas. What's unusual is that the contract "will go to the town of Eloy, Ariz., two states — about 931 miles — away." The town already operates a jail for ICE in Arizona, which one prison watchdog group noted has had more deaths than any other detention facility in the country.

Mexican claiming sanctuary in Denver church seeks amnesty for people living in US illegally - Associated Press Churches across the country have offered sanctuary to immigrants at risk of deportation. One such immigrant, Arturo Hernandez, has been staying at the First Unitarian Society of Denver since last week. He came to the attention of law enforcement when he fought with another contractor on a tile-laying job. He was acquitted of any crime during a trial, but a deportation order had already been issued after his arrest. According to the story, immigration officials have said they want to avoid pursuing immigrants in "sensitive areas like churches unless they have committed serious crimes."

Some eligible immigrants say no to US citizenship - Associated Press  In 2012, just 800,000 of more than an estimated 8.5 million immigrants who qualify for citizenship applied. Reasons range from lack of English proficiency, the threat of losing benefits from their home country and the cost of the application: typically $680. But it's expected that about 60 percent of those eligible will eventually seek citizenship, and that the percentage will slowly climb.

A timeline of sitcoms featuring families of color - NPR New network shows such as "Cristela" and "Fresh off the Boat" feature actors of color, some of them playing immigrants. But is this a new renaissance in diversity on television? NPR tried to get at the history of sitcoms featuring families of color by compiling a list with the help of social media. It spans "I Love Lucy" up to present-day.