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In immigration news: Dems' Latino support slips, activists push executive action, tapping Asian American voters, more

A new poll shows Latino voters disappointed over President Obama's handling of immigration, with Democrats also taking a hit.
A new poll shows Latino voters disappointed over President Obama's handling of immigration, with Democrats also taking a hit.
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Few Latinos 'angry' over Obama immigration policy, but support slips - Los Angeles Times According to a new Pew Research Center poll, "only a small minority of Latino voters report that they are 'angry' over President Obama’s decision this year to delay executive action on immigration reform." But there is disappointment among Latino voters over his handing of immigration, and the poll also shows Democrats taking a hit.

U.S. Immigration Laws Face New Scrutiny After Killings - New York Times Critics are protesting Obama administration plans that could protect more immigrants from deportation after the shooting deaths of two Northern California law enforcement officers. The accused killer is a man who was twice deported to Mexico after drug- and weapon-related arrests, but returned to the U.S. each time. 

Immigration Advocates Warn Obama Not to Think Small - TIME From the story: "Immigration activists are ratcheting up the pressure on Barack Obama, warning the President that a failure to live up to expectations for executive action on immigration would jeopardize his party’s standing with the Hispanic community." Obama has indicated he'll act on immigration before the end of the year.

Getting Asian immigrants in the US to vote means breaking the language barrier - Public Radio International From the story: "Asian and Pacific Islanders now represent nearly nine million eligible voters nationwide, the fastest growing minority group in the country. The voting bloc has doubled in size in the last decade, and there’s an effort to get more of them out to vote." This includes the Republican National Committee hiring Asian outreach workers, and grassroots efforts like a 17-language phone bank in Los Angeles.

Old con resurfaces in LA; how the 'Chinese blessing' scam targets the elderly - Southern California Public Radio Police say superstitious elderly women are again being targeted in a con last seen in Los Angeles a couple of years ago. The women "fell prey to a 'Chinese blessing' scam, which typically works like this: Two women approach their target on the street. They casually introduce the target to a third woman who purports to have spiritual gifts. This third person says she can protect people from evil spirits if they bring her valuables to pray over."