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In immigration news: Executive action hiring, CA to driver's issue licenses, deportations to Cuba, and more

Will Cuba take deportees from the US under re-established diplomatic ties?
Will Cuba take deportees from the US under re-established diplomatic ties?
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US Agency Hiring 1000 After Obama's Immigration Order - New York Times U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has hired 1,000 new employees who will process applications for the millions expected to benefit under the president's executive action. The yearly lease for an office to house these new workers is nearly $8 million and salaries will top $40 million. During a speech in Los Angeles last week, the head of USCIS said that already 5,000 people had applied for the openings.

Obama actions leave immigrants excited but nervous - Baltimore Sun The Obama administration is trying to allay fears about joining programs under the president's executive action. From the story: "Some are concerned about the future of the controversial program. Others may face difficulty documenting that they meet its requirements. Advocates are worried that some may become victims of fraud before they even get the chance to apply."

Cuba deal brings deportation questions - Boston Globe Over recent decades, the US has tried deporting tens of thousands of Cubans who've committed crimes, but Cuba has refused to accept the vast majority of them. But renewed diplomatic ties between the two countries is raising questions as to whether deportations will resume.

STATE: DMV prepares for undocumented immigrant applicants - The Press Enterprise  Immigrant drivers in the country illegally can start applying for licenses Jan. 2, when DMV offices re-open after the holidays. According to the story, the DMV has hired more than 900 more workers "to handle the influx of new applicants and will be adding about 100 more in the coming weeks."

Pittsburgh Tries To Attract Enterprising Immigrants And Refugees - NPR The Rust Belt city is trying its best to recruit newcomers to the US as a way to boost the local economy and the population. Dozens of other cities have programs similar to 'Welcoming Pittsburgh'  such as Philadelphia, Chicago and St. Louis, Mo.