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'Lord, Save Us From Your Followers'

We talked last week about the harsh tone in our public discourse recently, ranging from Congressman Joe Wilson yelling "You lie!" at the president to Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift at the MTV Video Music Awards. (This connection was noted by Seth and Amy on Saturday Night Live's "Really!?!" segment, which was a lot of fun.)

Well, there's a new documentary looking at this same trend in Christianity called Lord, Save Us From Your Followers, which is sure to not be controversial at all. I had the chance to see an advance screening on Monday and thought it was funny, with some moving scenes as it heads into the second half of the film.

The movie takes its shots at both the conservative and liberal sides of American culture. It follows filmmaker Dan Merchant, traveling the country and putting himself front and center like a calmer, gentler Michael Moore. He crosses the political divide, speaking with public figures like Democratic Senator Al Franken and former Republian Senator Rick Santorum.

He pulls a variety of attention-getting stunts throughout the film, such as walking around in a suit covered with religious bumper stickers and doing man on the street interviews. His most notable, in-your-face stunt is likely when he sets up a "confession booth" at Portland's Gay Pride celebration where, when visitors enter his both, he apologizes for hatred from the church throughout history, as well as his own attitude toward homosexuality. Seeing the sincere reaction of those who entered his booth was captivating.

If any of this strikes your fancy, it's opening in limited release this Friday, coming to Canyon Country on October 2nd and Irvine on October 9th. For further information on when the film is coming to a theater near you, check out the official Web site.

You can also watch a 10-minute sampler of scenes from the film below.

Photo courtesy LordSaveUsTheMovie.com