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'Coming out' coming sooner

The New York Times Magazine has a story in their upcoming issue (already available online) on the increasing trend of gay kids coming out in middle school.

It stood out to me to see this in the same week where the hit Fox television show Glee featured a gay high schooler coming out to his father. Rather than going the traditional route of having either an emotional moment where the father tries to deal with it and ultimately accepts his son, or decides to kick him out of the house, the father simply told the son that he knew, and that he still loved his son. The calm, slightly conflicted, but ultimately reassuring and loving response seems to be a reflection of the emotion of American society as a whole, or at least where the nation is shifting.

It also reminded me of a point that John Edwards made when running for president. He talked about his own conflicted views regarding gay marriage, but said that when he talked with his daughter Cate about it, she told him how, with her generation, it wasn't even an issue, and that the attitude was of course gays should be allowed to marry.

Whether this just seems more apparent living in Los Angeles or whether it's truly a national trend is yet to be seen, but this article seems to indicate that it's not just west coast sensibilities.

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