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Loving the Next Thing

Several of us went to San Francisco this weekend for an online journalism conference. We learned a lot and had some great discussions about how the news business is evolving and how to better deliver the news to the public.

I'm not sure that I ever need to talk that much about Twitter over the course of three days again, but one thing I came away with was a reminder not to overcomplicate things. As someone who's both an overthinker and who always likes trying out the Next Thing, it's tempting to want to say that this Next Thing is going to come along and be our messiah, but that's just not the case.

It hit home with me during a discussion where one of the most buzzed about products, Google Wave, was being discussed. People were talking about how these other problems we were having were going to be moot because Google Wave was coming and would wash over us with its awesomeness.

Then someone who had some friends who'd actually used Google Wave in its current limited beta said that these friends who'd used the thing couldn't figure it out.

Now, if Google Wave ends up meeting 1 percent of the hype, it will likely have accomplished something. Still, it's a reminder that there's no perfect tool out there and that our mission still comes down to the news, not the technology.