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Why seeing U2 live is for suckers

I'm one of the 96,000+ descending upon Pasadena's Rose Bowl this weekend to see U2 in a sold out concert (or at least the small dots that I will assume are U2 from my seat). However, while you can't beat the energy of a live crowd, the best view may be had by all the people not at the show.

This show will be streamed live via YouTube. You can view the video making the announcement here:

The show was already being filmed for an upcoming DVD release, so it ended up being an opportunity for the organizers to take the show to the Web. It's one of their last concerts of the year, with more to come in 2010.

It's a smart move, as they weren't going to be able to sell any more tickets for the event. I do wonder, if this type of live event online becomes a growing trend, if it could cut into any live performance revenues, which have become even more important as the record industry collapses. Still, as mentioned before, it's hard to compete with the experience of a live concert, the fan moment of being in the same venue as a favorite musician, and sharing your passion with a mass of people.

You can tune in Sunday, October 25th at 8:30 p.m. to check it out at youtube.com/U2. The show will also be replayed twice, then be available on demand like any other YouTube video.

Photo by Getty Images/Getty Images for Principle Management