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Conan O'Brien, folk hero

TMZ is reporting that Jay Leno has made a new deal with NBC, giving him back The Tonight Show. As someone who's always been a fan of Conan O'Brien's work, it's disappointing to see him leaving, but I'm sure he'll land on his feet wherever he winds up.

I've always been fascinated by late night television from my days staying up far too late for my age to see Johnny Carson with my dad, and it's a fascinating spectacle to watch as the landscape changes once again.

CBS's David Letterman is geeking out along with me, explaining the situation well:

I had the chance to see Conan's show live a few years ago, back when he was still hosting Late Night in New York City. Hilary Swank, Steve Harvey, and the Promise Ring were the guests, but while the amusing chatter has been lost to the mists of my memory, the part that stuck with me was Conan's interaction with the crowd before the show started. He easily connected with the crowd, as I'm sure he does every night, and I'm glad I was able to see Conan O'Brien in that era of his career.

Conan's also apparently becoming a folk hero, as his supporters have begun a viral campaign with over 100,000 fans on Facebook and posters showing up everywhere. (I saw one today myself. Seriously.)

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