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Grammys: Still relevant?

The Grammys are an interesting creature. They get the biggest stars in the industry to perform, while giving them prizes for songs that have, by this point, largely moved from contemporary stations to adult contemporary stations.

Still, the show manages to deliver a few special moments every year. They started off strong with a fun Lady Gaga performance, including a duet with Elton John.

Lady Gaga & Elton John – "Poker Face," "Speechless"/"Your Song" mashup

Pink also delivered a memorable performance, doing her best Cirque du Soleil impression.

Pink: "Glitter In The Air"

Finally, as a fan of Stephen Colbert, I enjoyed his appearances as he finally won the Grammy after previously being nominated for his audiobook in the spoken word category. He also kicked the show off with an excellent opening monologue:

He followed that up by presenting an award using the Apple iPad:

I have no idea why I want one of these, but I do. Thanks a lot, Stephen.