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Collecting should be fun

All my life, I've had collections of stuff. The most notable collection of my life has been comic books (continuing to this day; see you at Comic-Con!), but I've also enjoyed purchasing action figures, music, DVDs, and other miscellaneous... stuff.

As we move into a more digital age, and I get used to cramped L.A. living, I've been trying to do away with some of my packrat tendencies. I've moved to buying more digital music, watching movies through Netflix, looking to online sources rather than buying or saving paper materials, etc. Through all my collecting, I'm also of the mind that collecting should be about buying stuff that you're actually going to appreciate and enjoy.

All that's to say, the mindset behind this article left me baffled. Excerpt:

"I’m sorry but I have no time for people that want to half ass toy collecting. If you’re not willing to make the sacrifices necessary to collect toys properly, then in my opinion, you don’t deserve to collect toys."

I honestly hope that I'm never someone who insists on getting comics sealed to preserve their theoretical "value," keeping toys in their original box, or, to go beyond that, put plastic on my furniture. Stuff isn't meant to be kept "nice" forever, it's meant to be used. Everyone, life's short; have fun.

(Via Comics Should Be Good)

Photo: Iron Man statue at Comic-Con 2009 (Mike Roe/KPCC)