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Conan O'Brien's online ghost

NBC has started scrubbing references to Conan O'Brien from their Web sites since Conan was forced out of his Tonight Show hosting gig. The most notable one so far is probably Hulu, where if you do a search, you'll no longer find clips or episodes of his run on The Tonight Show. Conan's Tonight Show Web address, TonightShowWithConanOBrien.com, now redirects to NBC.com.

They've even redirected Conan's humorous HornyManatee.com site to NBC.com instead. (Not sure if this is the term I would want associated with my network, but to each their own.) Our own site was affected by this, as the Hulu video posted on this blog a few weeks ago in order to share Conan's eloquent farewell speech now shows you this:

You can, however, still view the farewell on YouTube:

Jay Leno is also moving on, with the last episode of The Jay Leno Show airing tonight at 10 before he makes his less than triumphant return to The Tonight Show. According to Variety, NBC is trying to keep the series finale low key as they work to rehabilitate Jay Leno's image in the wake of the contentious late night wrangling between NBC, Leno, and O'Brien. They're also embracing new media, using Jay Leno's Facebook page to hold a contest to find audience members for Leno's re-debut at 11:30.

On a somewhat related note, you can view this year's talk show Super Bowl ad here:

One small piece of evidence that NBC hasn't yet achieved online domination: the video NBC has embedded on Jay Leno's Web site was put on YouTube by... CBS.

(Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)