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Comic book icon Stan Lee guest stars on 'The Big Bang Theory'

I still haven't managed to check meeting Stan Lee off my list of life goals, but I did love his appearance last night on CBS's "The Big Bang Theory," quite possibly the geekiest sitcom on network television.

One other great thing about "The Big Bang Theory" is that it's thoroughly centered in Pasadena, with local landmarks often getting discussed. The show centers on three physicists and an engineer who work at Pasadena's Caltech, along with their bubbly neighbor Penny who works at The Cheesecake Factory.

It's filled with inside references for the geeks in the audience, while still telling compelling, heartfelt stories. It's also fun to have a television show less centered around pretty people than the majority of network fare. The characters can be a bit abrasive to begin with, but their quirks quickly become endearing.

Video of the main characters discovering Stan Lee is coming to their local comic book shop:

You can see two of the show's characters, Sheldon and Penny, meeting Stan Lee in the video below:

Here's hoping I get to see the incomparable Mr. Lee at Comic-Con this year... and acquit myself better than Sheldon does.