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Mike Tyson to star in pigeon racing reality series on Animal Planet

It was announced this week that Mike Tyson is going to be on a new reality show. I don't know that I have the words to do this justice, so I shall simply quote the press release.

"Animal Planet has announced a new show with Mike Tyson, currently known as TAKING ON TYSON, where the former heavyweight champion of the world will take audiences inside the intensely competitive and bizarrely fascinating world of pigeon racing."

Mike Tyson, Animal Planet, pigeon racing. I saw this and immediately had to know more, and if I knew when it would be airing I would immediately set my DVR. The show is sadly not scheduled to air until next year, but while I'm not normally an Animal Planet person, this may pull me in. (Sadly, he shall not be taking on the pigeons in footraces, but guiding pigeons as they race one another.)

Tyson has a fascinating story, which was told in gripping fashion in the recent "Tyson" documentary. He raised pigeons as a child and fought to protect them. It sounds crazy, but when you hear Tyson tenderly explaining his love for the birds on film, it's also endearing. The movie doesn't strive for objectivity; it's simply Tyson telling his story in his own words in a surprisingly eloquent fashion.

(Via Andrew Sullivan)