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New MGMT album 'Congratulations' available for streaming

MGMT's new album "Congratulations" leaked, so the band has responded by making the album available for streaming. It's the followup to their previous critically acclaimed debut "Oracular Spectacular," and is officially scheduled for release April 13.

The new album has a less pop, more laid back feel (similar to another new album I've been listening to, the Gorillaz' "Plastic Beach"). No song instantly jumps out as "Hey everyone, here's the new hit song!" The track that left the biggest impression on me was "Congratulations," which closes the album; the first single is "Flash Delirium," which you can hear streaming on the band's site.

You can hear bits of it here, as part of a wacky YouTube video produced by the group:

If you'd like to see MGMT live, they're playing the Saturday of next month's Coachella music festival here in Southern California.

If you haven't heard MGMT before, you can start with the first single from "Oracular Spectacular," "Time To Pretend":

(via Stereogum)