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Weakening resistance to the iPad

Before the iPad came out, I was skeptical. Now that it's out and I've read reviews, heard from friends who bought one and seen some of what the thing can do, I am now immensely jealous of everyone who has one. I am currently busy summoning all my willpower to not go click "Buy Now" on Apple.com immediately.

As a comic geek, the first item to pop out to me was the Marvel Comics iPad app. There's been a lot of talk online about the potential for comic books on the iPad (including right here), but I actually didn't expect Marvel to make such a quick impact. It's one of the top featured apps on Apple.com, including this demonstration video:

Boing Boing did a review, including this video look at the app:

Still, I've got my concerns that continue holding me back. In general, I'm a fan of waiting until the second generation for all the kinks to be worked out of a new technology; I also think there are some philosophical concerns with the way Apple is inviting users into this world. Boing Boing's Cory Doctorow did an excellent job explaining this, with hundreds of comments (786 as of this writing) full of debate both pro and con.

On a related note, the latest intriguing thing I read about the potential for iPad creativity was this post from comics blog Bleeding Cool. Using an iPad sketchbook app, artist and DC Comics co-publisher Jim Lee used the iPad to do some rather stunning sketches of Catwoman and the Joker on the device with nothing more than his fingers, which he shared on his Twitter. Take a look: