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Thoughts on Coachella from someone who's not going

To all of you attending Coachella this weekend, let me just express my jealousy. I shall sadly not be making it out to Coachella this year, but I love huge concert festivals. I find them one of the most exciting ways to enjoy music and to discover new artists. On the one hand, you're paying a lot of money to listen to music played really loud while standing in a hot sweaty crowd with limited food and beverage options, but there's something special and transcendent about the live experience.

Coachella always produces some special moments; Prince's version of "Creep" became an Internet sensation a couple years ago, and last year Paul McCartney convinced a crowd of jaded hipsters that he's actually pretty awesome.

KPCC's Inland Empire reporter Steven Cuevas has been blogging about Coachella all week, so be sure to check out Steven's blog for more on the event.

Some random thoughts on some of Friday's performers:

She & Him are fantastic. I discovered them on the (500) Days of Summer soundtrack (No, I'm not cool, and yes, I will be watching that movie again this weekend, thanks!) where they covered the Smiths, and their second album just recently came out. Zooey Deschanel always looks incredibly uncomfortable on stage, but that may make her Coachella performance that much more fascinating.

Vampire Weekend went from indie sensation to a band with a number one album, which of course means that everyone who used to like them now thinks they're lame. Don't worry, they're still great. Will they win over the crowd this weekend? Here, watch them in a music video with Lil Jon, Jake Gyllenhaal and more:

I wanted to not like Jay-Z's new album, but once I picked it up I couldn't help but once again acknowledge that Jay's still got it. It was an interesting choice to practice what he preached, as after coming up with "D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)," Jay-Z and producer Kanye West decided not to include any auto-tune on the album.

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