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Los Angeles Art Association's 'Gem' exhibition

I attended the Los Angeles Art Association's Gem show Saturday night, featuring work by a variety of new and more experienced artists. Here are a few of the pieces that caught my eye:

"Haircut" by Meghan Quinn

Meghan's done a variety of pieces taking dolls and putting them in unusual but realistic situations. Her work takes them and makes them feel like real people.

"Sail" by Bob Poe

This one caught my attention due to its origin - it's an iPhone photo, printed on canvas.

"Fear" by Marika Krissman Tsircou

I loved the emotion shown in "Fear."

"King of Pain" by Jillian Kogan

While it doesn't really come across at a smaller size, this was actually made up of pill capsules, some with messages written on them, such as the top stripe being made up of pills saying "Uppers" and the bottom stripe filled with pills with "Downers" written on them.

You can see more of the art at the LAAA gem 2010 preview page.