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Facebook calls all-staff privacy meeting

Apparently the powers that be have recognized that something is rotten in the state of Facebook, as numerous users, bloggers and other commentators have spoken out over recent changes in Facebook's privacy policies. They've called an all-staff meeting on the subject of privacy for this afternoon at 4 p.m. Pacific time.

Facebook users are in a weirdly intimate relationship with the company, as they give Facebook more and more personal information which Facebook is leveraging more and more for its own purposes. There are compelling reasons to be on Facebook, most notably its ubiquity and ease of use when it comes to keeping track of members of your social circle. Facebook makes it difficult to opt out, and still holds onto users' information if they deactivate or even delete their accounts.

Jeff Jarvis had an interesting post about ways that Facebook could salvage its public image, such as making the meeting public, making its privacy policy easier to understand, and setting a policy then sticking to it. The most interesting suggestion:

"[Facebook] would define evil. I said that on the latest This Week in Google: Google, by enabling its employees to ask whether it is evil, defines evil every day and that’s only for the good of its business: If it oversteps a line, if it does evil, it will lose trust and lose business. Facebook must make the similar calculation. It should define that line openly and let us and their employees challenge it constantly."

It's worth reading the full article.

(via BuzzMachine)

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