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Hulu announces Hulu Plus premium service

Hulu finally unveiled the much-rumored Hulu Plus service today. Instead of just offering the last five episodes of a program as Hulu currently does, you'll now be able to watch the full current season of most series, as well as previous seasons of a variety of series (though not all).

It's a subscription-based service. The item that made me raise an eyebrow is that, while you have to pay for a subscription, it's also advertiser supported, so you don't get out of advertisements by paying the subscription fees.

It's being priced at $9.99 per month. Will consumers be willing to pay for this service, or is the public happy with seeing the last five episodes of their favorite shows online for free?

You'll also be able to watch Hulu Plus programming on a variety of platforms, such as the iPad and the iPhone. I'm not sold on it over the streaming TV options being offered by Netflix, but it's definitely an intriguing new entrant in the paid streaming field. I'm also curious to see if they add more movies to their service to make their offering more competitive with Netflix.

How do you sign up? Well, it's being rolled out slowly at first, so you'll have to request an invitation while they're in a public beta phase. Eventually they plan to throw the doors open and allow for people to sign up without an invitation, but they're getting their ducks in a row first.

You can read more about it on Hulu's blog.