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Dawson's Creek's Pacey invades San Diego Comic-Con

There's a lot of spectacle at San Diego Comic-Con, but one moment I had the chance to witness myself was Joshua Jackon (currently of Fox's "Fringe") walking down the street dressed as the character that first brought him to prominence, Pacey from Dawson's Creek. He was followed by a camera crew and someone holding a boombox playing "Dawson's Creek" theme "I Don't Want To Wait" by Paula Cole.

He passed out flyers to Pacey-Con 2010, gave a dramatic reading, and generally acted insane. It was all part of a guerilla shoot for a Funny Or Die video, which you can see below. As Jackson explained to MTV News, "The original concept was, you know, actors are always trying to run away from characters they've had in their past. Well, I wanted to do the video that was the exact opposite."

Pacey-Con with Joshua Jackson from Joshua Jackson