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FBI asks for its seal to be removed from Wikipedia

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is going after an unlikely enemy - Wikipedia.

The FBI argues that the use of the FBI's official seal on Wikipedia is unapproved. They also say that the use of a high-quality version of the FBI logo being available on Wikipedia makes it easier for others to take the seal and misuse it.

Wikipedia was uncowed and sent back a snarky response. "While we appreciate your desire to revise the statute to reflect your expansive vision of it, the fact is that we must work with the actual language of the statute, not the aspirational version of Section 701 that you forwarded to us," wrote Mike Godwin, general counsel for the Wikimedia Foundation, which runs Wikipedia.

The law cited by the FBI prohibits someone from manufacturing, selling, or possessing any badge, identification, or other insignia using the FBI logo. Wikimedia argues that this doesn't cover encyclopedia articles.

Now I'm going to move on to writing about something else, before I get a visit from the FBI.