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The Onion on 'This American Life': Hard to explain

As a public radio employee, this Onion headline caught my eye today: "Ira Glass Tries To Explain 'This American Life' At High School Reunion."

I've stood around trying to explain what "This American Life" is to friends before, and likely falling short of capturing what it is that makes it so special or even how to best explain its format and subject matter, so this rang true for me.

The universal public radio closer to the article: "After Glass left the reunion early, a number of sympathetic attendees took up a collection for their old acquaintance, as Glass had mentioned that he relied almost entirely on donations."

This dynamic has gone the other way before; "This American Life" did one of my all-time favorite segments a couple years ago taking a look at the Onion writers' room. It's a fun look at what goes into creating the Onion's articles; you can check out the episode here.

Ira Glass is also coming to Southern California on October 10 in an event sponsored by KPCC; you can find out more about that here.

Photo: Amy Sussman/Getty Images