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Jimmy Kimmel announces 'National Unfriend Day' for Facebook

On last night's "Jimmy Kimmel Live," Jimmy Kimmel presented the idea of National Unfriend Day. He said that he thinks Facebook is cheapening the concept of friendship. "A friend is someone you have a special relationship with."

As opposed to Facebook friendship. "I mean, remember five years ago when no one was on Facebook and you didn't know what the guy you took high school biology with was having for lunch? Remember how that was... fine? Let's go back to that."

William Shatner appeared in a faux PSA, shaking his head. "Hello, I'm William Shatner. These people on Facebook... they're not your friends. That's all." Kimmel made clear afterward that Shatner is not his friend.

Personally, I'm always complaining that I'm following too many people on Twitter and can't decide who to unfollow. I think I'm going to take Kimmel up on his offer and trim both some friends and some folks on Twitter that I follow from my life.

(via Huffington Post)