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Make your fancy coffee with your fancy iPhone

For quality coffee, Starbucks is never enough. Silver Lake’s Intelligentsia undoubtedly trains the more skilled disciples of the holy brew, but whose clientele is typically slapped with the dirty label, ‘hipster.’ Rejoice, xeno/stylephobes! Intelligentsia has released an application for iOS operating systems (read: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple TV) to teach you the exotic methods (you probably haven’t heard of them) for nu coffee preparation far away from people you openly despise but secretly fear you belong with.

For the affordable price of free, you get brewing timers, diagrams and descriptions to gingerly walk you through the esoteric rituals you’ll use to impress your date/friends/cat.  Compare this to Starbucks’ app, which lets you know which location will cure your caffeine withdrawal is closer by minutes. It also lets you buy drinks faster. Consider your clientele served, coffee heavyweights.

via [Lifehacker]