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New Pornographers video 'Moves' features faux-Paul Rudd movie trailer, comedian cavalcade

Indie darlings the New Pornographers' new music video is a Where's Waldo of comedy nerd favorites.

It opens up with a fake trailer for an awful-looking comedy called "Expectant Dads," starring Paul Rudd and Saturday Night Live's Bill Hader. There's a full site for the faux film at ExpectantDadsMovie.com, including pull quotes reviewing the imaginary film and a summary of the plot.

An excerpt, summarizing the plot: "But the two dudes bite off way more than they can chew when they battle with two rival X-Coiners (Andy Milonakis and Robert Blake, Jr.) who trick Nick and D-Bomb into ingesting a chemical (distributed by way of a pot vaporizer called “King Vidor Vapor”) that makes them both pregnant."

The site also includes an ad for the even-worse-sounding "Expectant Dads 2."

This also isn't the first time Paul Rudd and Bill Hader have appeared in a video together; they got a bit, well, intimate for Saturday Night Live's "Kissing Family" sketch.

Keep your eyes peeled in the video for comedians like Wyatt Cenac and Horatio Sanz as members of the band, Todd Barry as a record store salesman, Donald Glover as a reporter, John Oliver leading protests against the band and their excesses, John Hodgman as a record executive and more.

The song is from the New Pornographers album "Together," released last year. The video is written and directed by Tom Scharpling, who hosts cult-favorite comedic radio show The Best Show on WFMU in New Jersey.

(via Bleeding Cool)