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Conservative blogger Matt Lewis leaves AOL due to Huffington Post purchase

The Huffington Post's recent acquisition by AOL has raised a lot of questions, but this morning I read about the first actual change I've noticed caused by this purchase: conservative blogger Matt Lewis, due to the purchase, is leaving his position blogging for AOL to write for conservative outlet the Daily Caller.

Lewis wrote that Huffington founder Arianna Huffington is "a far-left liberal" and that he didn't want to be affiliated with her. He wrote that Huffington become editor-in-chief for a number of AOL sites after the merger alarmed him.


"Obviously, I am more than happy to write for a mainstream news outlet where differing opinions are allowed to flourish, but I am less comfortable with the notion of being permanently affiliated with an overtly left-of-center (sometimes activist) outlet.

"As a conservative (albeit, an admittedly iconoclastic one), it is vital that I maintain the freedom to call them like I see them."

Lewis wrote that he wouldn't disparage any conservative or libertarian writers who didn't make the same decision as he did. He also wrote that the one time he met Huffington, she was nice, and that he has no personal issues with her, even writing articles for the Huffington Post in the past on technology.

Will Arianna Huffington be able to position herself as a fair news arbiter with the new AOL-owned Huffington Post? Will the Huffington Post maintain its liberal bent, or will it shift to being more centrist?

We still don't have many answers about what the future holds, but NPR's David Folkenflik did a nice job providing the best summary I've seen thus far, which I recommend checking out.

(via Weigel)