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Interviewees walking off '60 Minutes' from the '70s to today

I wrote a couple of months ago about comedian Gallagher getting angry and storming out on podcaster Marc Maron. There was a media walkout on a larger platform this week – CBS's "60 Minutes."

After Iraqi defector "Curveball" walked out on a recent episode, "60 Minutes" put together a video of the walkouts from their show over the years. They go back to the '70s and include such luminaries as French President Nicolas Sarkozy, then-Russian president Boris Yeltsin, late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan and former presidential contender Ross Perot.

Hosts Leslie Stahl and Steve Kroft speak about their favorite walkout moments. Kroft says that it depends on when someone walks out whether it's going to lead to a great story or it's a failure. "If they walk out in the first 10 minutes of the interview, you don't have a piece. If they walk out towards the end of the interview, then you've got a lot of material and you know you've got a piece. And you don't have to write the ending."

(Via Taegan Goddard's Political Wire)