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New Music: Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' & David Bazan's 'Strange Negotiations'

On this morning's Madeleine Brand Show, NPR music critic Ann Powers talked about new albums from Lady Gaga and David Bazan.

Lady Gaga's album went on sale for 99 cents on Amazon yesterday. "Wait, how much?!" you may be saying. Well, so many others agreed that Amazon's servers froze due to the huge demand, leaving many unsatisfied customers temporarily unable to access the latest pop confection from Miss Gaga.

If you'd like a peak into the world of Gaga, you can listen to a few of her new songs below from this past weekend's Saturday Night Live:

Born This Way:


You can also see Gaga in a sketch with Justin Timberlake, "What's That Name?":

And the latest in a series of SNL's popular digital shorts series, as well as the latest in a sub-series of videos featuring Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg as '90s-esque white R&B guys.

SNL Digital Short: 3-Way (the Golden Rule)

I enjoy David Bazan's work (as discussed previously here), so I was excited to hear his latest. You can hear his full album streaming below:

One other Gaga note: I actually went to the same summer geek camp she did; she recently appeared on "the View" talking about her role as an outsider in high school. You can check that out below: