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Playing with Google Music Beta

The hot new thing online recently has been cloud music players. For those not in the know, this essentially means being able to listen to music you own over the Internet.

Amazon was first out the gate with their cloud player, followed by Google, with Apple reportedly soon to come.

While in beta, Google Music is invitation only. You can apply for your own Google Music Beta invitation here.

I just got my invite to Google Music Beta today, so here are a few initial thoughts:

In the future, Google says it plans to sell music through the service as well, but they've yet to work out a deal with the record labels. The initial plans for the service also included Google being able to scan your hard drive for music you own and automatically letting you listen to those songs online, rather than having to upload them, but the record labels didn't allow that to happen yet. Reports indicate that Apple's service will allow this, but will also not be a free service, unlike Google and Amazon (well, with Amazon, for the first 2,000 song/5 gigabyte chunk of songs).

Watch Google's official introduction of the service: