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Francis Ford Coppola's 'TWIXT': Director as DJ, allowing live movie editing

The trailer just came out for Francis Ford Coppola's new movie, "TWIXT":

It may look like a standard suspense/horror flick on the surface, but I saw Coppola show off what's really interesting about this movie at Comic-Con. He pulled out a tablet computer and showed the crowd that he could rearrange the scenes on the fly.

Coppola explained that, for example, if things were going well, he could go with the long version of a scene, or if he wanted to speed things up, he could go with the short version of the scene. He demonstrated this by playing an extended trailer, then making all the scenes with Val Kilmer, who was also there, a bit longer with some added footage.

Composer Dan Deacon was also there to provide variations on the film's score. Coppola and Deacon plan to tour the film to 30 cities this fall, giving live performances of the movie with 30 cities potentially getting 30 different cuts of the movie.

That's not the only interesting idea in the movie - it's a 3D movie, but only for selected scenes, with a nice visual cue to let you know when to put on your glasses (and when to take them off to avoid straining your eyes as much). Coppola brought Edgar Allen Poe masks with 3D eyes for the crowd, as the ghost of Poe plays a prominent role in the movie. You can see Mr. Coppola and Val Kilmer showing the masks off here:

The project brings a live performance vibe to film, taking from other artforms like theater, improv and live musical performance. Will it work? Will anyone go see it? Who knows, but we'll all find out this fall. You can read a full writeup of the Comic Con panel here.

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

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