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Iron Man, Captain America & Thor come to LA for 'Avengers' reshoots

Captain America and Thor, coming to Hollywood Boulevard?
Captain America and Thor, coming to Hollywood Boulevard?
"Avengers" film trailer

The new "Avengers" superhero movie, combining the Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and Hulk franchises into one film, is reportedly doing reshoots in Los Angeles, according to comic book news site Bleeding Cool, so if you see anyone walking around in brightly colored costumes, they might not be prostitutes.

Oh boy! Who wants to go stalk superheroes with me?

But actually, seeing how these things are made can take away a little of the magic, so I think I'll just wait until this is in theaters. A little bit of movie magic died for me when I saw this fan footage of a fight scene from the movie featuring Captain America and Thor, with the blows not connecting by a distance of, oh, let's say five feet:

Yes, movie fighting is fake, but it is apparently even faker than I thought.

What needs to be added to the film? What didn't turn out so great the first time? Director Joss Whedon has said that he threw out the original script and wrote pages himself as the film was being shot, so the edge-of-your-seat filmmaking may have left some things undone, but we'll have to wait and see.

If anyone spots any 'Avengers' filming around town, let us know in the comments!