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'Modern Family' F bombs, Dane Cook goes crazy and Wikipedia writes about itself

  • Dane Cook said some pretty awful things about women at the Hollywood Improv last night. You can click through to read about what he said, but, maybe don't and just know it's bad.
  • Bravo is recasting "the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," following a dark second season with the suicide of housewife Taylor Armstrong's husband. (The extent of my Real Housewives exposure is random episodes on the TVs at the gym with no sound.)
  • OH NO, porn might not shoot in the Los Angeles area anymore. Whatever will we do.
  • One of my personal heroes, comedian/TV host Dave Holmes, is writing hilarious recaps of "American Idol" for Vulture that you should go read. He follows an awesome season of recapping by Paul F. Tompkins last year. I'm addicted to this show, so I'm far too excited about this. (I also may have auditioned years ago, but thankfully I wasn't either embarrassingly bad or obnoxiously good enough to make TV.)
  • What do you think about small child Lily dropping the F bomb (heavily bleeped to the point where the actress probably didn't say it when they shot the show) on "Modern Family" last night? You can watch the episode below:
  • AAAAAH, Wikipedia was blacked out and I couldn't read an overly long article about anything in the world for one day! Thank God there's a Wikipedia article on the Wikipedia blackout.
  • Subway are clearly the masters of subtle product placement:

    (via the Daily What)

  • As a wannabe hipster, I'm required to at least occasionally peruse McSweeney's, and I highly recommend this piece on the song "Hound Dog," a song written by two Jewish kids from L.A.
  • KPCC's Shirley Jahad is out covering Sundance, so stay tuned for more from her in the days to come. I'm particularly excited about the film version of comedian Mike Birbiglia's "Sleepwalk With Me."
  • Finally, a little Australian girl recording a hardcore song. I normally am not one for this kind of music, but it's just so adorably rock.