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'The Love Boat' cruises to heaven: Pacific Princess bought for scrap

The lido deck is closed. Forever. 

The Pacific Princess, the floating focal point of Aaron Spelling's near decade-long ABC series "The Love Boat," is about to be demolished and sold for scrap.

Calling the Port of Los Angeles World Cruise Center home from 1977 to 1986, the ship served as context for the episodic adventures of passengers traveling between Los Angeles and Mexico on a sea of laugh tracks, all the while navigating the waters of romantic entanglement, multiple storylines, and Isaac-made cocktails. And Charo.

The former cruise liner was recently purchased by a Turkish demolition company for 2.5 million euros, Italy's La Repubblica newspaper reported. 

Something was certainly lost in Google translation of the La Repubblica lede, but it still reads pretty profoundly, "Journey to the heart of the myth shattered, where everything is where it all started and, in some respects, is preparing to finish." Right on.

The boat was reported sitting unused in a dock in Genoa, Italy for more than a year, by USA Today. In cheerier news, actor Gavin McLeod (who played Captain Merrill Stubing) has been making the rounds on a promotional tour with the ship's new namesake.

For a complete list of special guests in television cruising history, please consult IMDB's extensive passenger manifest.