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Judith Owen goes "Deep" with a cool Adele cover

The always-fab Judith Owen has been away from her adopted-hometown L.A. fans for a while now -- based of late back in her land of birth, Ole Blighty, where she's focusing on among other things "Losing It," her acclaimed West End collaboration with comic actress Ruby Wax exploring mental health issues. Yes, with song and humor.

But for those of us who miss her, she's sent a treat: a delightfully Judith-ized version of Adele's "Rolling in the Deep." Owen's emotive voice and piano get all-star support here from singer Alice Russell, percussionist Ray Cooper (Elton John, Eric Clapton, pretty much everyone), the bow-wielder known as the Green Fiddler and acoustic bassist Harry Shearer (you know who he is... and he also happens to be Owen's hubby).

So have a listen and enjoy:

And as a bonus, Owen has posted a video of her recording the track on her web site, which you can watch here. And it you're in or around London, try to catch one of her regular gigs at the Pheasantry