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Online dating vs. online gaming: Which creates a better romantic connection?

Online gaming is allegedly bringing people together more than online dating.
Online gaming is allegedly bringing people together more than online dating.
OnlineUniversity.net (Creative Commons-licensed)

The site OnlineUniversity.net put together an infographic comparing the success of online dating sites with the success of dating someone met through gaming online. The conclusion: Gaming is way more likely to lead to relationship success than the average online dating site experience.

As someone who has participated in both these activities, I found it a compelling presentation and it makes sense to me, at least on a surface level. Of course, it also comes down to the simple notion that you're more likely to click with someone who you have a shared interest with than someone you don't.

You can get some of that from online dating sites, but while taking place in a digital world, meeting someone in online gaming is a bit closer to more traditional notions of dating than online dating where you put your intentions right out there. When you're hidden behind a digital avatar, personality and other things that may help make for more lasting relationships come to the fore, as opposed to most online dating sites where a picture takes the lead.

One example of gaming love in practice: a gaming podcast that I recently fell in love with, the Indoor Kids, is hosted by Kumail Nanjiani and Emily Gordon — a married couple with a shared gaming addiction.

Check out the graphic below:

Gamers Get Girls
Created by: OnlineUniversity.net

(Hat tip: Mashable)